Epic Wish List for Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor

Dear Blizzard & @Mumper & @ all the other WoW Devs,

Adding Garrisons is an awesome idea, we have wanted player housing for ages, and many of us liked to hang out on our farms just because it was our own little slice of Pandaria all our own.  Here is my wishlist for what I hope it includes (and feel free to add more!)  And FWIW, I am not an RP’er, I am a top end raider, and I still think this is awesome :)

Two words: Dance Studio
I don’t know if this is a troll (please not!) but it would be pretty cool to have a Dance Studio that is nightclub style with a disco ball, lights, seating and a bartender.  Oh, and that makes you dance when you step on the dance floor.  But make it cost something for 1 or 2 hours of dancing goodness so it is still coveted, and not something just going on all the time.  Will keep it from being boring and usual.  And yeah, it will make raid leaders ensure they have an upgraded dance studio so that raiders can amuse themselves by taking shots of Sulfuron Slammer while waiting for that always-late-raider to show up.  So in that respect, have a jukebox in the Dance Studio where anyone attending can pay (with gold or Garrison currency) to start the party.  Oh, and paying extra to see the Tauren Chieftans run in to perform would be pretty awesome.

Our own house
Yes, we have Barracks, but it would be cool to have our own little house to “live” in as well.  Where we can sit at a table, watch the fire burning in the fireplace, sleep in a bed, etc.  And I prefer not to think of what RP’ers would do in there, Goldshire 2.0?

Show off transmogs
If you are like me, you have about 18 transmog sets taking up space in my bags, bank and void storage… yet I tend to wear the same transmog or a variation of it.  It would be awesome to be able to show off my other transmog sets, even so just I can admire them.

Dress up your followers
I have never had a plate main, but I love some of their chests.  I’d love to be able to dress up my plate tank follower in Bloodscale transmog to send them off to raids.

It would be awesome to be able to have an auctioneer in the Garrison for those without engineering.  Making it a level three engineering building bonus would definitely be incentive!

It would be awesome for the tailoring building to have its own mini Silken Field for those still making Imperial Silk, as well as a moonwell etc for all the old cloth that requires a specific place to be in order to create.

Raid Buffs
We know there are some kind of buffs.  Would be nice if there was the option to get a specific raid buff once a day from the farm, especially for those missing a crucial buff while raiding, or even an extra bonus buff for raiders.  But PLEASE consider having a racial buff players can get such as Beast Slaying from certain followers/buildings - this would have made a huge difference to Alliance guilds working on heroic Thok this tier, for example.  Alliance needs all the help they can get when most hardcore raiding guilds consider Horde superior with their racials.  Would be nice to see more than a couple Alliance guilds competing for top 10 and 20 world.  Of course, we know racials will be tweaked so this could be a moot point.

Special Rep Followers
It would be great to have access to special followers based on exalted rep, including old school rep that isn’t available any longer, such as those with Agent of the Shen’dralar could have a Shen’dralar follower or those with Hero of the Zandalar Tribe could have an old school Zandalari follower.  Would also be a great incentive to go out and grind those old reps like Netherwing or Scale of the Sands for those who aren’t just rep whores :)

Make some followers really hard to get
Love or hate the Minfernal or the Scourged Whelpling, it got us out in the world (or for some of us, our alts parked in those zones on different servers).  It would be nice if each zone had a unique follower that players could obtain, but are harder to get. You could obtain a Arakkoa follower in Terokkar Forest for example.

Avast Ye, Admiral!
It would be absolutely epic if there was a Bloodsail Admiral follower for those with the Avast Ye, Admiral! which would earn us Bloodsail Buccaneers rep, even if it was just a tiny amount.  I really hate that mine is sitting at almost Revered, but if I do anything with it, I would lose all my Steamwheedle Cartel exalted reps.  WTB Exalted with Bloodsail Admirals!

Darkmoon Faire follower
Would be nice to have a Darkmoon Faire follower that you could recruit on the island that shows up in your Garrison during the Faire to offer you free portals to the Faire.

Mage Portal follower
If we upgrade a mage follower to level 100, would be nice if we could then get a free mage portal from them once a day (and it would be super funny if they could troll unsuspecting players with an Ancient Dalaran portal too!).  Or it could be a perk of a level 3 mage tower.

“Raid Leader” follower
A raid leader follower who could give you a free portal to the current raid tier instance once a day would be awesome.

Pet leveling follower
Give a follower who excels in pet battles one of your level 1 pets, and a week later it magically returns as level 25.

Raiding for old pets and mounts
Would be great if we could send a raid out to Onyxia to try for the mount or to Throne of Thunder / Siege of Orgrimmar to try for battle pets (for personal use or to sell).  Especially since LFR pets could become unobtainable.

Showing off Feats of Strength
It was said at Blizzcon that we would have items in our Garrisons related to achievements, such as a globe for the Explorer achievement.  Would be nice to have something special for having Insane in the Membrane, Tripping the Rifts, etc/.  Let us have Gahz’ranka (from the Deadliest Catch Feat of Strength) swimming around in our Garrison’s lake if we have that achievement.

Show off Legendaries
If I have a legendary weapon, it would be awesome to be able to show it off in my Garrison on a Legendary weapon rack.

Legendary followers
Right now there are epic followers, it would be great to have the option to somehow upgrade followers to legendary - after X number of raids; a 0.2% chance to become legendary on every raid; or just extremely EXTREMELY hard to find followers that you then have to jump through massive hoops to recruit to your Garrison.  Just please make it super, super rare and hard to get – like by the end of the expansion, a Garrison might have acquired one or two legendary followers.

Please don’t limit followers
If I am out in the world getting followers, I hope that the size of my Barracks doesn’t restrict the number of followers I can have, just the number I can send out at once.  I really don’t want to have to pick and choose which followers I can have in my Garrison, especially if there are lots of cool ones to find and recruit.

Recruiting alts
It would be cool if having level 100 alts on the same server meant they could “help” leveling your main’s Garrison faster.  But it is awesome alts will have some sort of mechanism where their Garrisons don’t take as long to level.

Outdoor seating
As one of those who used to hang out in my farm while waiting for raid invites, it was kind of annoying to not have even a mere chair on our farm.  Please give us some picnic tables, park benches or even a mushroom chair so we can sit outside and admire out handiwork.

Kobold miners
After all the time we have spent killing them every time we start an Alliance alt, they should get some love back and be mining followers.  Oh, and there HAS to be candles involved.

Optional race architecture
I know this has been mentioned at Blizzcon, but it would be nice to have an upgrade, maybe as an addon after you rank a building to level 3, where you could change the appearance to a specific racial appearance (I know it is probably a lot of work, so an addition to a later patch would be awesome).  And have some unique way to earn racial building appearances (rep grind, rare drop off the rep grind mobs – oh no, the Arrakoa have run away with the Draenei architecture plans, you need to get them back!).  But let us pick and choose which buildings we want as a different racial architecture.  I wouldn’t be happy if I choose Blood Elf architecture or Dwarf architecture and it changed all my buildings to that architecture.  Variety is the spice of life!

Old character models
While I like the new character models, some people are kicking up a storm about them.  What about some old school model followers that we could find in the starting zones of those races?  I could head out to Gnomeregan starting area to get a pink pigtailed Gnome follower with the old model.  Again, make these rare hard-to-get followers.

Get us out into the world beyond Draenor
While I know the expac is focused on Draenor, it would be nice to have some things with the Garrisons send us off to random places in the world such as Dustwallow Marsh or Darkshore, places you don’t visit unless you are leveling or doing pet battles.

Rare pets in the Garrison
Would be nice if the Garrison could spawn a super cool but rare battle pet (and by rare, I am thinking Time Lost spawn rates, not Hulon spawn rates).  And anyone currently visiting your Garrison could tame it too.  And another pet that only spawns once the Garrison is completely upgraded with all building slots with level 3 buildings.

Tablet/mobile integration
It would be awesome for you to be able to send followers off to do something while you are on your lunch break at work or while still in bed and too lazy to get up to go to your computer.  Again, I realize this is probably one of the “later patch” ideas, but it would be awesome!

So what did I miss in my epic wish list :)


Images from the new Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor

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