All about Garrisons from the World of Warcraft: What’s Next Panel

With Garrisons you can:

  • Build your own base on Draenor
  • Collect followers
  • Run missions
  • Customize your base
  • Offline progression
  • Integrated directly into the world.

What do you get?

  • Epic gear for your character
  • A piece of land to call your own
  • Unique benefits from buildings
  • Limited access to professions you don’t have

Your Garrison

  • Expand over three tiers
  • Pick your buildings (armory, stable, infirmary, mine, town hall)
  • Choose your location – and you can move it
  • Interact with followers and buildings
  • Monuments (ie. tied to achievements such as a globe for Explorer) & Trophies (ie. kill a rare mob, bring back it’s head and mount it in the town hall in your Garrison)

Buildings – Alliance and Horde buildings will look different

  • Unique bonuses per building – ie. buff when you aren’t there; make your followers do things better
  • Upgrades (add things to make them bigger/better)
  • Customize with specializations (three upgrades on each building) – tailor the buildings with something special; ie your infirmary, you can get someone to come out once per day to rez you in the world.
  • Place where you want with plots (ie. mage tower up in hill or put it near the gate)
  • Variety allows for customization

Collect Followers

  • Many ways to collect
  • Level up by running missions
  • Increase ilevel once maxed out
  • Followers have abilities and traits
  • Quality / Rarity (like pets)
  • Customize with names

More Features!


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