Missions (similar to quests) are specific missions that you and your followers can do – you can send them on missions, raids or to collect mats for you.  Rewards and duration vary depending on the mission and the mission type – some take as little as 15 minutes while some, such as raids, are 4-7 days.

It is believed that you will have to use some combination of followers to ensure your followers have the requires skills for each mission.

There are currently four types of missions:

You will need to unlock each set of missions – for example, you can only unlock the Raid missions once you have 10 followers at level 100.

Time: 15-30 minutes
Quests are very quick and generally used to level up your Followers.  Higher level quests can yield player loot.

Time: 2-3 hours
Sending your followers on a scenario will take longer but has a higher chance to yield player loot.

Time: 1-3 days
Dungeons are much more difficult and take longer but are guaranteed to yield player loot.

Time: 4-7 days
Occasionally you will receive transmog missions for older raids.

missions 600

Mission accomplishments:

  • Send followers on missions
  • Mix and match followers for the best fit
  •  - Abilities and traits
  • Large variety of missions
  •  - Specialized missions (ie. infirmary will have rescue missions).

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