General Buildings Info & Q&A

A detailed list of all the types of housing you can acquire for your Garrison, and how you can get the various buildings.

All players will have four “starting” buildings – Town Hall, Mine, Farm and Fishing Shack.

building ui 600

Each building can be upgraded 3 times, and both the interiors and the exteriors get upgraded.

It is unknown how all the upgrades work, but it appears as though some require blueprints which are a drop (or could involve a quest) and some are a special currency.  The blueprints can be a world drop, faction reward, quest reward or found in other ways.

building levels

New tiers will offer more plots to upgrade, you will need to fill all your plots to upgrade tier.  Plots come in 3 different sizes – small, medium and large.

While not all building types are known, you can find the currently known list of Small Buildings, Medium Buildings and Large buildings.

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